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The Secret Freemasonry - Instant Digital Delivery eBook
The Secret Freemasonry - Instant Digital Delivery eBook
The Secret Freemasonry - Instant Digital Delivery eBook
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dealing with Religion, Philosophy, Spirituallity

Purpose, and Deeper Significance of Freemasonry



I. the legend op the temple

Ancestry of Hiram Abiff. 

Hiram, Solomon, and the Queen of Sheba.

Murder of Hiram

II. origin and traditions

The First Masons.

Periods of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry derived from many Sources. 

True History of Maaonry

III. rites and customs 

List of Rites. 

Masonic Customs.

Masonic Alphabet

IV. the lodge

Interior Arrangement of Lodge. 

Modern Lodge.


Opening the Lodge

V. genuine and spurious masonry

Distinction between Genuine and Spurious Masonry

Some Rites only deserve Special Mention

VI. ceremonies of initiation

Ceremonies of Initiation The Apprentice.

Ceremonies of Initiation The Fellow - Craft.

Ceremony of Initiation and Story of Hiram's Murder The Master Mason.

The Legend Explained.

The Raising of Osiris.

The Blazing Star

VII. the holy royal arch 



Passing the Veils 3~33

VIII. grand master architect 


I.. grand elect knight of kadosh

The Term Kadosh.

Reception into the Degree.

The Mysterious Ladder. 

The Seven Steps 37~39

X. prince of RosE-CROix

 Distinct from Rosicrucian, and has various Names. 

Officers and Lodges.

Reception in the First Apartment.

Second Apartment.

Reception in the Third Apartment

XI. the rites of misraim and memphis 

Anomalies of the Rite of Misraim, .


History and Constitution. 

Rites and Ceremonies, 

Rite of Memphis

XII. modern knights templars


 Revival of the Order.

The Leviticon.

 Ceremonies of Initiation 47~5

XIII. freemasonry in england and scotland

 Freemasonry in England.

Freemasonry in Scotland.

Modern Freemasonry

XIV. freemasonry in france

Introduction into France.

Chevalier Ramsay.

Philosophical Rite. 

 The Duke de Chartrea 54~S^

XV. the chaptkr of clermont and the strict observance

Jesuitical Influence.

The Strict Observance

XVI. the relaxed observance

Organisation of Relaxed Observance.

Disputes in German Lodges.

Rite of Zinzendorf. 

African Architects

XVII. the congress of wilhklmsbad

Various Congresses.

Discussions at "Wilhelmsbad,

Result of Convention.

Frederick William III. and the Masons

XVIII. masonry and napoleonism 

Masonry protected by Napoleon.

Spread of Freemasonry.

The Clover Leaves. 

Obsequiousness of Freemasonry.

Anti-Napoleonic Freemasonry

XIX. freemasonry, t.he restoration and the second empire

 The Society of  France Regenerated.

Priestly Opposition to Masonry. 

Political Insignificance of Masonry.

Freemasonry and Napoleon III.

Jesuitical Manoeuvres

XX. freemasonry in Italy

Whimsical Masonic Societies.

 Illuminati in Italy. 

Freemasonry at Naples.

Details of Document.

Freemasonry at Venice.

Abatement under Napoleon. 

The Freemasonry of the Present in Italy.

Reform needed

XXI. cagliostro and egyptian masonry

 Life of Cagliostro.

 The Egyptian Rite.

Cagliostro's Hydromancy.

Lodges founded by Cagliostro

XXII. adoptive masonry .

Historical Notice.


Jesuit Degrees

XXIII. androgynous masonry

Origin and Tendency. 

Earliest Androgynous Societies.

Other Androgynous Societies.

Various other Androgynous Societies,

Knights and Nymphs of the Rose. 

German Order of the Rose.

Pretended Objects of the Order. 

Order of Harmony.

Mason's Daughter

XXIV. schismatic rites and sects 

Schismatic Rites and Sects. 


The Gormogones.

The Noachites, or Noachidaa, 


The Grand Orient and Atheism.

Ludicrous Degree 9I-9S

XXV. diffusion Off the order

 Freemasonry in Spain and Portugal. 

Freemasonry in Russia, 

Freemasonry in Switzerland. 

Freemasonry in Sweden and Poland.

Freemasonry in Holland and Germany.

Freemasonry in Turkey, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. 

Freemasonry in America 9^-99

XXVI. persecutions of freemasonry .

Causes of Persecution.

Instances of Persecution. 

Anti-Masonic Publications

XXVII. futility of modern freemasonry 

Vain Pretensions of Modern Freemasonry. 

Vanity of Masonic Ceremonial. 

Masonry diffuses no Knowledge. 

Decay of Freemasonry. 

Masonic Opinions of Masonry.

Masonic Literature. 

The Quatuor Coronati Lodge

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