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The New TNT Miraculous Power Within You by Harold Sherman
The New TNT Miraculous Power Within You by Harold Sherman
The New TNT Miraculous Power Within You by Harold Sherman
Item#: the-new-tnt-miraculous-power-within-you-by-harold-sherman


President and Executive Director

of the


Miraculous Power Within You
R A R E  1954 publication
recreated in digital format
published by 8bitDownloads Publications - 2012 

Here is a book that can change your life. By simply following a few rules, you can unlock the secrets of your subconscious mind and begin to feel your confidence rise as the tide starts to turn in your favor . . . begin to transform your daydreams into solid reality ... and through your own will, your own direction, you can achieve the things you want most out of life whether it be promotion, sales power, personality, social or business success.

Turn to the pages of this amazing book and discover:

. . . how you can listen and be guided by the voice within . . . the amazing power of thought transference . . . how you can master the power of getting the right mental suggestions ... how to influence people ... the future possibilities of mind power . . . how to rid yourself of fear and worry . . . what TNT has done for others .. . how your mind transmits and receives thoughts

Scores of tested and proven techniques are yours for the taking. You learn self-confidence beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed . . . you dispel the mental blocks that close the path to career achievements . . . and you rid yourself of anxieties, fears and compulsions and other shackles that keep you on the side lines instead of in the limelight.

Start today to kindle the fantastic mental powers within you, find a confident approach to the problems of life and begin to use that miraculous power within you.

The New TNT shows you how to release the forces inside you and get what you want . . . make your subconscious work for you to help you overcome obstacles and accomplish whatever you set your mind to do. It helps you to turn those desires into REALITIES by capturing “that something within you and making it work for you.

It is as practical and down-to-earth as the job you want to get, the car you’d like to buy, the house you hope to own. the person you want to marry.

One idea alone — which you will learn in this book — can change your whole life for the better. It can release you from chronic nervous tensions, restore your self-confidence, and enable you to face things you’ve been running away from for years!

Here in this revised, enlarged edition of TNT — The Power Within You new examples and incidents show the principles which have changed the lives of all who really understand the magic power of TNT. It gives astounding new facts and findings on Extra Sensory Perception, and includes, at the end of each chapter, a summary with “Thoughts to Build Into Your Life.”

Take New TNT and begin right away to liberate the explosive pent-up powers you’ve kept chained up in your mind ... use these dynamic forces to create a life overflowing with good things — whether it’s job success, social satisfaction, a happy marriage or an ingratiating personality.

A wealth of case histories show how these remarkable principles, described in this book, can be put in day-to-day practice.

Tried and proven in case after case, these methods and techniques tell you how to create a mental image of the things you want — make your “pipe dreams” come true—believe in a thing so firmly that it actually happens — make your subconscious work on conscious problems — dispel fear and worry for once and for all — influence others to your way of thinking . . . accomplish anything in the world you set your mind to do!

Is there actual proof that this amazing combination of formulas work? Yes!

Its power has been recorded through the ages — in the lives of the great and near-great. It’s all here, in the testimony of those whose lives have been enriched a thousand fold from people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Like the persistent tapping of water on a stone ... the science of TNT taps away to bring you the things in life you really want. Here, for you, is the powerful secret of that explosive “something” which enables you to achieve success in every undertaking.


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